Christopher Pate

Christopher Pate’s work resists easy categorization and over time, has cut an unpredictable path. The constants that lie at the center of these disparate outputs are qualities such as random process, primitive gesture, the hybridization of photography with painting and drawing, and compositional integrity and design. All these endeavors seek to evoke qualities of human energy and spirit within the context of the world at large and how we modify the landscape around us, either just by the activity of looking itself, or by actively changing or altering that landscape to suit our needs, whether following utilitarian or visionary principles.

Christopher received his B.A. from Pitzer College. Since that time, he has operated in a triadic approach, balancing work as an exhibiting artist, as Exhibitions Manager of LA Louver Gallery and as a curator of exhibition projects highlighting emerging art in Los Angeles. Curatorial projects include Tripindicular, Hef and Transient Apocalypse, as well as the five celebrated Rogue Wave exhibitions at LA Louver beginning in 2001. In addition to taking part in many group exhibitions locally and abroad, he has had solo exhibitions at Rio Hondo College, Marine Contemporary, Jail Gallery and Roberts and Tilton, among several others. His work has appeared in publications including Artforum, Artillery, Art & Auction, LA Weekly, Huffington Post and the LA Times, as well as several solo and group exhibition publications. Christopher lives and works in Los Angeles.

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