Christopher Pate

Christopher Pate (born 1965 St. Louis, Missouri, raised Boise, Idaho) lives and works in Los Angeles.

Solo exhibitions include Memory Loops, Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA, 2015, Camp Alpha, Marine Contemporary, Venice, CA, 2011, Flyover, Jail, Los Angeles, CA, 2008, Float Some and Jet Some, Cartelle, Marina del Rey, CA, 2005, and Horizons and Archipelagos, Roberts and Tilton, Los Angeles, CA, 2000. Curatorial projects include the series of five Rogue Wave exhibitions at LA Louver (2001-2013), Hef at Jail, Los Angeles, CA, 2008, and Tripindicular at Lemon Sky, Los Angeles, CA, 1999.


I am a artist who makes intensely rich and layered imagery based in gestural energy, painterly process, cultural history and found materials. The capturing and recording of energy in frenetic drawing is at the core of my work. Also integral are photographs of eyes, cut out and arranged in different patterns across the surface. These eyes represent individual as well as collective consciousness, as concentrated points of human intelligence and energy. For me, the contemporary visual world is not static and relaxing, but rather raucous and relentlessly competitive for attention. We are constantly bombarded with layered and fractured imagery and not only have evolved the means to consume it, but tend to demand greater levels of immersion and greater amounts of information at faster and faster speeds. I find the seemingly static traditional mediums of drawing, painting and sculpture distinctly well suited to capture this fracturing and layering of visual information and rapidly shifting energy.

My goal is to both examine and celebrate contemporary life and the privilege of participating in a visual world that is richer and more varied than ever before. I seek to distill and synthesize disparate elements of this visual torrent into new forms, forms which capture this moment in time in ways both personal and universal, upending expectations and provoking questions, advocating for an active engagement with the world around us.

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